Pictures of the HTC One M8 Prime Surface


The super high end HTC One M8 Prime gets its picture taken from every angle! The HTC ONE M8 as you may know is HTC latest and greatest flagship device. While the handset is constructed of light weight aluminum and built with the finest hardware available there is always room for improvement. Shortly after the launch of the next generation One the wait for variants began and slowly but surely those devices are rolling in. Just yesterday we got a look at a Verizon bound One Remix while the One Mini 2 has already been made official. Next stop, the One M8 Prime!

The HTC M8 Prime was first mentioned just a few days ago by the infamous @EVleaks, shortly after news of a Samsung made Galaxy S5 Prime surfaced into the headlines. This HTC_One_M8_Primenew M8 Prime is as the Galaxy version expected to come with a rather superb set of specifications and compete directly with the Galaxy and the likes of LG’s forth coming G3. The new leak unfortunately does not provide and specifics of the handset outside of what can be gathered by viewing the animated rendering of the handset. First off by taking a glance at the pictures, this new M8 Prime does not look like a traditional One. Its traditional aluminum finish seems to have replaced with a different material and is rumored to be Al-SIC material which is essentially aluminum mixed with silicone. When looking over the rear of the device we see the dual camera’s are still in place however the main camera seems to protrude a bit out of the casing and sports an odd orange rubber ring around it. The speaker mounting on this new M8 Prime are also front facing like previous generation One’s and it also comes with dead screen space just above the bottom speaker. Unfortunately the further details on the handset are still in the air, but it is likely we will see more info about the M8 Prime in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Anyone interested in super high end HTC ONE M8? Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you would improve the One M8! Also, before you run be sure to check out all the very latest and greatest in HTC accessories here.

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