The HTC One M7 Appears In Press Renderings….Again!

HTC_One_blackAnother HTC One press shot leaks into the wild. A new picture of the HTC One aka M7 has leaked into the wild and made its way to the headlines….again. HTC has a press event that is slated for the 19th and this awesome new handset is (better) expected to be announced there. In a few short days we will finally know what epic heights the new HTC experience will bring us, and until then and after this you won’t hear any more about it from us! The HTC One, code named M7 has been rummaging around the rumor mill for quite some time. So much so, HTC doesn’t really need to make an announcement. But nonetheless, the anticipation is killing me!

Here before you is rendered press shot of what is expected to be the final design of the highly anticipated HTC One. Recently we have seen a similar picture that draped the device in a white, silver coloring and now a black variation emerges. The design, as clean as it is sports a nice mesh style grill, a very noticeable front facing camera and sensors and just two buttons.HTC_ONE_M7_render This new screen shot however confirms the 19th announcement date and also points to its American release as the phones weather widget is showing its location as New York! The previous white version showed a London location. So in case you haven’t been following the One, it is expected to make its North American debut across all carriers shortly after its announcement, however Verizon will apparently be pushing the launch back while the rumor mill calls for a March 22nd launch date with the big red carrier. Pricing on the handset should run you about $300 bucks for the 64G variation while the 32 GB will run you about $200 bucks! The HTC One M7 is said to have a 4.7 inch full HD touch screen with a 1080p resolution at an amazing 468 pixels per inch. It will come packing a more than capable 1.7 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, Android 4.1, HTC Sense 5.0, and a 13 ultra pixel camera!

The wait is almost over folks! The HTC One M7 is expected to launch alongside a few other devices and an announcement of HTC’s new Sense Tuesday of next week, just don’t hold your breath that long, it could be dangerous! Anyone interested in the HTC One M7? I know we are! Sound off below and before your run be sure to check out all the best in HTC accessories here.  

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