The New HTC One to Be Available Immediately following its Announcement and other details surrounding its DUO Camera’s


The new HTC One aka the M8 has its full spec’s revealed and is set to launch immediately after its introduction. The new HTC One is every day becoming more and more desirable as the anticipation and leaky details seemingly continue to grow. The device is set to be the successor to the ever popular One and continues to push the envelope in design, build and performance. As our eagerness to have a finalized One grows so too does the juicy details about the phone. New information about the device gives us a full look at the devices spec sheet with the elusive information surrounding its cameras included as well as a bit of info surrounding its launch and availability.

The new HTC One is slated for a March 25th announcement. In a press release dated on Tuesday HTC went on the record to let out a few bits of info surrounding the new One and its launch. A normal launch of a smart phone comes with a small production usually on a stage somewhere and after its announcement some members of the press will be allowed to handle the device for their write ups of the event. Then weeks or sometimes months later the device will begin to roll out and become available for sale to the general public. According to HTC however this new One will be made available for purchase immediately following its official announcements. The details state that the One will be available in six Carphone Warehouse locations in London. This will include Tottenham Court Road, Centrepoint, Oxford Circus, Westfield White City, Westfield Stratford and Selfridge’s stores. Unfortunately the details do not list a price or pin point exactly when the device will reach the rest of Europe or the US, however we would expect more details about that come the 25th. Bigger news surrounding the new One however pin points what we are to expect from its unique dual cameras. The spec sheet for the new One has been slowly leaking out exposing the device to have a 5 inch 1080p HD touch screen with a Snapdragon 801 processor and 2 GB of RAM. The details about its dual, rear mounted cameras however have been under wraps…until now! According to the Chinese TENAA the two cameras will have 16 and 4 mega pixel sensors. The “Duo” camera build as it is called is set to offer an additional sensor for low light improvements. The information however does not specify which cameras pictured will have these sensors as there is no mention of the devices front facing shooter. The same source has produced the following pictures of the new One in line with its competitors.

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