HTC Omega WP7 Mango phone gets ousted sans the Alpha


Windows Phone 7 devices are still going strong and gaining some dedicated users along the way and for good reason of course. As the WP7 Mango update inches closer and closer to a universal launch the interwebs is being treated to new devices running the OS. Fujitsu has recently launched a WP7.5 device in Japan that goes by the name of IS12T. Luckily enough they are not the only ones prepping up some excellent WP7.5 goodness as it seems some renderings of a new HTC 7.5 device has surfaced on the internet. Let’s take at look at the new device that is being called the HTC Omega shall we.

When taking a look at the rendered picture above I initially thought EVO View, or Flyer tab due to the very similar designs on the back of the unit. Once my eyes panned to the right, it was a bit clearer, but I still thought I was looking at a WP7 tablet…wouldn’t that be great. But after a few sentences into the sources article it was all clear. PocketNow got its hands on the pictures you see before you and the subsequent rumored specs. This excellent new device from HTC is to be called the HTC Omega for now and is said to sport a 3.8 inch SLCD display. Internally we should expect a 1.5 GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon processor which is presumed to be a single core CPU. It’s also been said that the HTC Omega will use 512 MB of RAM. The HTC Omega will also come equipped with a rear facing 8 mega pixel camera as well as a front facing camera, to help usher in the dawn of video chatting on a WP7 device, as Mango is slated to bring forth Skype-ing capabilities. This new HTC Omega is rumored to be announced at HTC’s upcoming September 1st press event, where most are expecting the launch of the higher end 4.7 inch HTC Eternity. So it looks as if WP7.5 or Mango as it’s called is making a strong entrance into the world with the power of HTC.  But when will others step up to the Mango plate?

Let us know what you think of the new 3.8 inch WP7.5 Mango’ed HTC Omega. Sound like you next new phone? Sound off in the comments below. And of course if you need the best HTC accessories, we got you covered no matter what OS they use.

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