HTC myTouch 3G Slide updated to Froyo 2.2

As the majority of the Android world is busy wondering if their device will receive an update to Gingerbread it seems that HTC has gone and updated the slightly dated myTouch 3G. Froyo has been available to manufacturers for quite some time. Google initially launches the updated operating system and from there it is up to the manufacturers or carriers as to which models get the update. Some devices that are being ‘phased’ out or not selling to well will never see the updates. Good news for all myTouch 3G Slide users out there! You can now experience the awesomeness of Android 2.2 or Froyo.

The myTouch 3G and myTouch 3G slide were assumed to receive the update last year, guess it’s safe to say good things take time to create –or optimize in this situation. The myTouch 3G Slide originally launched with Android version 2.1. The myTouch 3G slide is about to get a bit better with some Froyo. You can update your myTouch 3G Slide with a full set of instructions at HTC’s website here Keep in mind you will need to use HTC’s Sync software which will require a windows machine to complete the install.

With this update HTC myTouch 3G Slide users can expect some great updates and over all improved performance out of their sliders. Your myTouch 3G slide will almost become a new phone entirely. The Froyo update will give you – Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB Tethering, Low Storage Notifications, Resolve for issues with text and picture messaging, Resolve to some known Bluetooth compatibility issues as well as improvements to compatibility with new Bluetooth devices. Other updates included with the Froyo update are ‘other various bug fixes’ as well as improvement of overall stability and reliability.

Sounds good to me. Keep in mind that this update is not an OTA or over the air update. It will not be sent directly to your phone as most updates occur. You will need to physically download and install manually. Surely a helpful employee of your trusted carrier can help you out if need be. So be sure to check out the update and get some stability in your myTouch 3G Slide’s life.

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