HTC Mozart with Windows Mobile 7

So the rumors, leaks and all round madness have begun to sink in surrounding Microsoft’s next big step in their mobile operating systems. Windows 7 Mobile is sure to be a hit, the images and brief videos of the OS in action have inquiring minds gitty with anticipation. And so the madness continues.

Recently a post on the xda-developers forum has exposed a picture of an HTC Mozart sporting what seems to be a home page for the new Windows Mobile operating system. But if you look closer you will notice, just like the other readers on the forum have noticed that this seems to be the work of some very bad photo shopping. You can still see the home screen of the Android operating system being exposed, was this intentional? Is this the work of the user who posted the picture? Or is this simply a Photoshop mistake on the half of the Telstra marketing team. Most interested will be leaning toward the later, as am I. Telstra is one of the largest service providers within Australia, and this picture is essentially a “road map” of phones to be sold in the future. According to this seemingly genuine picture it seems that the world will see its first WP7 in action on an HTC Mozart sometime in October. The picture of the device shows it to be an Android operating phone, as you can still see the Sense UI off to the left.

For me this is hard to believe as the blatantly obvious photo shopping is horrible, would this really be released within a company’s ranks?

Tell me what you think; Is this the first WP7 phone to hit the market, or just some Windows loving geek having a good time with the rest of the world?

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