HTC Mecha Smartphone Leaked

HTC has accidentally leaked the name of one of its upcoming Android OS powered smartphones. The name of the new smartphone? The HTC Mecha. Mecha certainly keeps in line with HTC’s robot themed naming scheme for many of its Android smartphones.

How did HTC leak this? On its HTC Sense product registration website. Sense is the name of HTC’s proprietary user interface (UI) and it uses cloud based services from the HTC Sense website. While it is only available for a limited number of devices at the moment, the HTC Mecha’s brief appearance on the website as an option selectable to register with the service is a pretty strong hint.

The name Mecha comes as little surprise as it had been leaked several months ago along with some other coming HTC smartphone names. The leaked names from August? The HTC Mecha, HTC Spade, HTC Blitz and HTC Speedy. The Speedy will be heading to Sprint but the other three are not confirmed for carriers, including the HTC Mecha.

So far, the only other two smartphones confirmed for HTC’s new Sense UI and cloud service—the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z—have come out in Europe. Think the Mecha is going to be another Europe first launch? Manufacturers are doing a lot of their launches and over the air (OTA) updates in Europe first. Of course, North American based smartphone makers Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) prefer to do their launches in North America first but they are becoming the exception.

The specs of the HTC Mecha are unknown but from the way this was leaked by HTC, we can assume that it will have Sense on top of Android. We can also expect the Mecha to pack a processor in the 1 GHz range, 512 MB of RAM or more. No idea yet if it has a slide-out keyboard or will be touchscreen only.

What do you think? The smartphone certainly has an interesting name. HTC has been making some excellent smartphones and the HTC Sense UI is being lauded as a superior Android OS experience for new users than what Google is offering as stock. It also does some pretty nifty notifications but cloud based services like Sense uses do have some problems. Remember the data-loss fiasco that the now discontinued SideKick had with its cloud servers? Are you willing to let HTC have so much access to your smartphone’s data?

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