HTC Next Generation Flagship M8 Appears in the Wild



The HTC M8 begins leaking out into the wild as the successor to the wildly popular HTC One. HTC is hot on the heels of their latest One series of devices. Early this year, secrets surrounding the company’s next flagship device began leaking out. Over the course of the following month or so the HTC M7 was renamed the HTC One and was launched in late February. While the premium grade One began to conquer the world HTC’s plans on expanding the line up pushed forward and brought us the likes of the One Mini and the One Max. Just yesterday however, details surrounding HTC’s next move surfaced to the interwebs and it goes by the name of the HTC M8!

The One’s run while far from over, it looks as if HTC is planning the devices successor! It’s never too early to begin making a successor to the One. Simply put, this M8 has a lot to live up to! EPrice.Com a Chinese based tech blog and retail store has gotten their hands on some juicy details surrounding one of HTC’s next devices. According to the source the HTC M8 will be maxed out in terms of specifications and will again position the company’s flagship in direct competition with the top of the heap. Details of the M8 have provided the amazingly horrible pictures you see here and a few other tidbits about the device. The information leaked suggests the M8 will come running with a Snapdragon 800 quad core system chip, 3 GB of Ram and a touch screen (most likely HD) that will measure in somewhere between 5 and 5.2 inches. Keep in mind however the devices launch window is most likely a ways off and anyone keeping up with the state of mobile technologies could have easily guessed the for mentioned specs. So a grain of salt is indeed ingested with this new rumor. The pictures of the device suggest HTC will continue with the uni-body metal frames and may be adding an additional sensor to the device just above the camera. The M8 by all accounts is expected to show face sometime early next year as its predecessor did and will most likely leak out pretty hard from now to then so keep your eyes open!

Anyone interested in the next generation One series from HTC? Any One users out there looking for an upgrade? Let us know what you think below and sound off in the comments. Also, before you run be sure to check out all the best in HTC accessories today.

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