Could the HTC M8 Ace Be Launched June 3rd?



The HTC M8 Ace is rumored to launch June 3rd! The HTC M8 is taking off in all sorts of different directions. The next generation One as it is better known is HTC latest and greatest handset and what could be better than one awesome device, why many One’s of course. Lately when a company launches a new flagship they will make a handful of variants that allow the device to be marketed to all tastes and needs. Currently the HTC One M8 has been turned into the One Mini 2 (sort of) and will likely be seen in Prime form as well. Another variation however of the One is also lurking in the rumor mill, it goes by the name of HTC M8 Ace and may be launching sooner than you think.

Rumors and speculation surrounding the M8 Ace have been circulating in the headlines since late April and a picture and time frame of the handset is getting clearer. According to a report out of Taiwan, the handset will be launched on June 3rd and will be released in China first and will hit Taiwan before the end of the month. The details go on to suggest the M8 Ace will be priced at about 3,000 yuan in China which translates into approximately $481 bucks. According to the previous entries into the rumor mill the Ace will come with a plastic housing and is centered on the fashion forward smart phone users. Additionally the expected spec sheet for the device put in direct contention with the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. If so, its price point and stylistic build and fashion sense may make it an awesome alternative. According to previous leaks about the Ace it is expected to come with a 5 inch full 1080p HD touch screen as well as a 13 mega pixel camera and will all get its computational go from a highly capable Qualcomm made Snapdragon 801 system chip that uses a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor.

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