The HTC M7 To Make CES Debut?


Juicy rumors of a new HTC smart phone can really ignite your senses. The latest rumors from the companies direction pins a quietly rumored handset to an official announcement for CES. CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. This time of year most companies are prepping their latest in wares for the convention, while others have hit perfection and allow their new gadgets to leak before the event. HTC may have kept their new device under wraps for the most part, but that surely can’t stop word of mouth. New details on the infamous HTC M7 have emerged!

Early December brought news of an HTC M7 saving grace handset. The initial rumors surrounding the device slated it for a Mobile World Congress announcement in February. According to @Football4PDA new rumors about the handset speculate the smart phone will make its world debut in just a few days at CES. Said to be the heir to the One X throne, the handset will share similarities with the likes of the Droid DNA, and HTC Butterfly and Butterfly J. Initial rumors of the new smart phone give it a 4.7 inch 1080p display that offers up 468 pixels per inch, which would surely lead its class, if not for just a hot minute. The M7 is also said to run with a SoLux touch screen which will offer up better “viewing angles, outdoor visibility, and color accuracy,” Internally the M7 is said to run with a more than capable 1.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm system chip that will whip along with the help from 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Around back its expected to come with a 13 mega pixel camera, which seems like it may be making its way to the new standard (hopefully). Additionally the M7 is rumored to pack in a 2300 mAh battery, Beats Audio and of course LTE and HSPA+ 4G connectivity. The big news however, HTC will finally do away with traditional hardware based navigation buttons that will be replaced with “on-screen” keys.

Now, to swallow that grain of salt as all these details are surely speculation and rumor, albeit some on proven authority. Also the spotlight is on HTC with the M7 as the company is not faring well in their battles with fruits and star systems. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the rumors surrounding this new bit of HTC awesome. Anyone interested? Let us know, but before you run check out all the best in HTC accessories today.

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