HTC’s Lexikon to be Verizon’s next Droid?

The HTC Lexikon was first exposed back in August in a list of three other on deck HTC devices. Amongst the spec exposed was the HTC Spark, the HTC Bee and the now pictured HTC Lexikon. The original information was leaked through a blog site named 911Sniper. More information surrounding the new device has come to light in the form of a picture.

The Lexikon leak comes to the interwebs from 911Sniper, which is the same site that originally leaked the rumored specs of the device. The “picture” as you can tell could very well be a full blown rendering of the device, but it does look very similar to an HTC model that has recently been spotted via the FCC which coincidently also sports the Verizon logo. But the information from the source site states that the device pictured “HTC Lexikon with slide keyboard For US Verizon (Android-Froyo 2.2)”. Sounds like this coincides very well with what was leaked previously. So should we expect the Incredible cousin to makes its way to the market anytime soon? That’s up for debate at this point, but it has been a while since HTC has Droid-ed themselves out for Verizon. But by the looks of this full QWERTY the sooner the better.

The rumored specs of the Lexikon put some pretty impressive details on the device. The LexiKon will rock a 3.8 WVGA touch screen and carry 512 MB of RAM, will run a Snapdragon MSM7630 at 800Mhz and be embedded with Android Version 2.2 or Froyo for those that are android terminology inclined. Further details to the rumored specs state the device will have a 5MP camera, HTC Sense, 4G of internal storage and maybe one of the key points, a full QWERTY keypad.

So you in? Verizon customers, are you looking for a HTC QWERTY option? Tell us what you think of the new Lexikon, oh and the ROM for this Lexikon is floating around hit up for more on the ROM.

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