HTC legend on Virgin Mobile Canada

So it seems that the famed HTC legend has made its way to a carrier, all Canadian users can rejoice. The Legend has made its way to the famous for pre-paid service provider Virgin Mobile. The HTC Legend was made available through Virgin Mobile over the weekend. He phone is offered up in two ways, under a three year plan (yes I said three years) you can get the phone at about 80 bucks, the phone with no plan runs at around 350 bucks. But is it worth it?

The HTC Legend brings back the “legendary” (pun intended) “chin” to HTC phones (see pictures). Sporting an aluminum body, the phones shows much promise in the market, however it is not expected to make it to the shores of the U.S of A anytime soon. After reading a few reviews on this mobile Legend, it seems that at this point it is truly that a Legend, a mobile device that surely impresses the majority of users that come across it. While the HTC Legend is simply a buildup of the HTC Hero it truly sports some major improvements from the three different versions of the Hero. The main upgrades to the Legend over the Hero are mainly its Samsung made AMOLED screen, its FM radio feature, its cameras ability to take stills its optical track pad as well as its Sense UI.

Obviously there are complaints about the device, how could there not be right. Software glitches and poor battery life and poor video recording capabilities being at the root of those complaints, but nothing a good ol’ software update couldn’t fix. We’ll see I guess.

One way or the other stuff that HTC Legends are made of can now be bought at Virgin Mobile Canada. So go get your hands on one and tell us what you think about it.