HTC Incredible or a Motorola Droid X Verizon gives you the choice

When launched the HTC Incredible was well, literally incredible. With its 1GHZ Snapdragon processor and its 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA touch screen, makes the Incredible, well again Incredible. But problem here is that HTC seemingly cannot keep up with the demand, as many Verizon customers who ordered the Incredible are still waiting on them to be delivered. The last time anyone checked a restock of the Incredible was to show up sometime in July.

Today however should bring some, at least a somewhat positive outlook to the situation for the HTC Incredible waiting customers. Verizon announced their new Motorola Droid X recently and have officially stated that any customer waiting on the HTC Incredible can now pick up a Droid X at no additional charge, the catch…you still have to wait, assumingly not as long however. There are a couple upsides to the customers that may find themselves in this awkward position. The Droid X sports a larger screen, at 4.3 inches than the Incredible’s 3.7, the Droid X also carries with it little more heat in a few other specifications. The Incredibles camera is recording video at 800×480 resolutions, while the Droid X is recording in 720p.

Ironically enough the phones are listed at the same price, listed at $199 with the start of a new contract. So applause to Verizon, as this is the right thing to do. If you run into a situation where a manufacturer cannot keep up with your demand, give your customer an option. HTC we all love your phones, just need to step it up in the manufacturing end.

I personally am waiting on a restock of EVO’s, and there is no alternative to the EVO on the Spring network, so my wait continues.

Are you a Verizon customer waiting on a restock of the Incredible?

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