HTC Incredible updates to Froyo in early August

If your one of the customers that has been holding on the line for the past, who knows how long for an HTC Droid Incredible out of Verizon, your wait just really became worth it. An update to the Incredible is to be available at the end of this month that will surely make it worth the wait.

Upon the release of the HTC Droid Incredible the hype ensued, and for good reason. The HTC Droid Incredible is an amazing Android device, so amazing in fact that the demand is far greater than any of the manufacturers of the device could foresee. The HTC Droid Incredible, sports a super AMOLED screen which is seemingly the cause for delay. But recently in the news surrounding the Droid Incredible, comes a little update that most any Android user is praying for. The Incredible shipped with Android OS 2.1 and while the source codes for the famed Froyo or 2.2 have been issued not many Android devices have seen the Froyo update. Well good news for Incredible users, Froyo will be made available by the end of July and will run through to early August. One of BGR.Com’s “ninjas” has been able to confirm that a Froyo update for the Incredible is eminent. While an exact date is unknown the source claims the update will be made available toward the end of this month. The source goes on to share information that has seemingly come from the horse’s mouth, HTC. The update for the Droid Incredible will read, like that perfect book with a feel good ending. Within the email from HTC to the “ninja” source, HTC states that their were two updates scheduled for the Incredible, but they will essentially be killing two birds with one stone. The email goes on to highlight what is included with the update and that its time frame is “end of the month/first part of August”. The email also states that the update will included updates to, My Verizon, Skype, Amazon MP3, EAS Updates, HTC Widget: News, HTC Widget: Email, 3G Mobile Hot Spot, 802.11 n, and the best of all, the update will issue Incredible users the new OS version 2.2 or Froyo.

So like I said, if your waiting in line for the Droid Incredible, keep waiting as Froyo will surely make it worth the wait. Be on the lookout for the update coming soon.

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