Oh look, good phones are still being made – The HTC Holiday and HTC Bliss show face – but not in court


With all the boring lawsuits and buyouts surrounding the mobile world it’s easy to forget that there are new phones leaking out nearly every day.  HTC while currently filing another infringement lawsuit against Apple, of course has two new devices leaking all over the interwebs. One of these devices is the HTC Bliss and has already made its way into the FCC bunker for approval. The other device is the HTC Holiday and sports a huge Californian license plate.

The HTC Holiday showed up on the infamous sell anything local board Craigslist earlier this week with a big ol California branding on the back of it. The Holiday was initially spotted back in May as another addition to the companies large screen line up. The Holiday sports a 4.5 inch touch screen that has a 960 x 540 pixel resolution. Internally the device is rocking a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM.  This of course all spotted by the for sale listing, so keep in mind these specs may be a bit altered come release time. The Holiday also carries an 8 mega pixel rear facing shooter and is accompanied by a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. Initial renderings of the Holiday showed the device sporting At&t branding and the newer for sale shots confirm this rumor. This Holiday also seems to be sporting some sort of magnetic charging port on its bottom right hand side. So anyone interested in this new huge device? Would it be cool if it was branded with the state you in when you pick one up?

Next on the list is the ‘women only’ HTC Bliss. The HTC Bliss was initially spotted earlier this month on a leaked Verizon road map. It then made its way into the FCC lair for approval and was dressed in Verizon’s frequency bands. While the exact specs are unknown at this point, it’s rumored to carry an 800 MHz single core processor and will run the latest version of Sense over the top of Android version 2.3. The HTC Bliss is expected to launch in September, no official word on that still being in the plans, but neither is the ‘men only’ version.

So two new HTC phones have hit the leaky stream of the internet, which one are you interested in? The Holiday is to be the next super phone from the company and the Bliss is filling the mid range sector. Interested in either? Let us know in the comments, and as always if you need your HTC accessories we have all you need.

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