HTC Hero Update Now Available

The much awaited Android 2.1 update has finally arrived. Sprint has just unveiled the Éclair for its HTC Hero. Numerous subscribers have been irritated by the constant delays over the Android 2.1 as it was initially stated for release two months ago.

This recent update, nicknamed the Éclair ROM, has various improvements on the Sense User Interface as well as support for the corporate email. Consumers should take care as this update has the ability to erase all data saved on the HTC Hero. Smartphone owners are advised to backup all of their data before attempting to install the update.

According to an official statement by Sprint, “You will lose contacts that have not been synced to an email account, text messages that have not been forwarded, saved voicemail messages older than 5 days, voicemails older than 20 days that have not been listened to, and call history. The calendar and email settings will also revert back to factory defaults. Pictures, music, videos and files are stored on your microSD memory card, which should be removed before updating your phone.”

As indicated on the Sprint website, the Éclair update will be including:

- Upgraded operating system to Android 2.1 Eclair
- Enhancements to sense user interface (UI)
- Enhanced corporate email support
- Variety of minor bug fixes.

The Android 2.1 Éclair is a major improvement from the original 1.5 on the HTC Hero. Some of the other improvements HTC Hero owners will notice include better battery life, more stable OS, double tap support for zoom, auto focus as well as support for HTML 5 among others.

HTC Hero owners are again advised to backup all of their important information before running the update as the update is known to delete all previous info during the installation process. It would be a shame to delete all of those pictures and info saved under the old OS.

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