With these HTC Hero S Accessories You are the real Hero

The HTC Hero S is quite possibly one of the best most solid smart phones made to date. This amazing phone packs in all the details you need to stay connected day in and day out. Running the likes of Android version 2.3 with a super powerful single core 1.2 GHz chipset calling the shots this may be the last phone you’ll ever need. It also packs in a perfect 4 inch touch screen that provides a 540×960 pixel resolution and a 5 mega pixel camera around back. This same camera can record video in 720p and a front facing shooter is available for all your video conferencing needs. With specs as powerful as you need them and design that just does not quit you may be satisfied with your Hero S. But is it safe? Scroll down and let’s take a look at some of the best Hero S accessories you’ll need to stay connected, day in and day out.

Starting with protection, we offer up the widest selection of original, aftermarket and OEM HTC S cases anywhere. With Hero S case options from the likes of Otterbox, Case-Mate and HTC you can surely find an option that suits you needs. Take this perfect HTC Hero S Otterbox Commuter Series Case for example. This excellent case option from a trusted name in protective cases offers up multiple layers of protection and a screen protector. Its first layer is made of a high quality light weight and dense silicone skin material that form fits to your Hero S and absorbs most shock that would normally affect your phone during a drop. Its outer shell is made of a scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic that will keep your phone and its silicone layer as one. With a super thin build and amazing amount of protection the Otterbox Commuter Series Case option is a perfect fit for your Hero S.

So now your Hero S is protected and ready to take on the dangers of everyday life, but what about your battery and or power? Are you ready to get the charge you need while on the move or even while around an AC socket? Well if you answered no or thought twice about it, we have you covered. This HTC Hero S Travel Adapter with micro USB cable is the perfect charging adapter that will get your phone the juice it needs, when it needs it! The included HTC Hero S micro USB cable can also be used as a data transfer or syncing cable as well as a charging cable from any other USB based AC charging adapter or computer. But you may find yourself on a long and battery draining road trip. So what is a smart phone user to do? Check out this HTC Hero S Dual USB Car Charger with Micro USB Cable. This perfect car charging adapter will not take up to much real estate within your cars limited space and can handle the job of two car chargers. This adapter sports a dual USB output that can charge up to two USB compatible devices while on the move. It also comes with a coiled micro USB cable that can only be used for charging. The cable measures in at over 5 feet when stretched.

Now your HTC Hero S is ready to take on the world with you. With a perfectly protecitive and style endouced case and the power you need no matter where you are your Hero could not be happier. With a case and chargers ready at the helm, you are truly the hero here! Take a look at all the HTC Hero S accessories we have to offer.

*All HTC Hero S accessories are also HTC EVO Design 4G accessories.

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