HTC Hero Update Online Petition

It seems as if owners of the HTC Hero are becoming more proactive and verbal. The Taiwanese based company HTC is being attacked with numerous complaints, mainly for their HTC Hero device. The HTC Hero currently runs under the Android 1.5 OS with promises of a 2.1 update. Google has already presented the features for their Android 2.2 Froyo during their recent developers’ conference, leaving HTC Hero owners further behind and increasingly more agitated.

There have been numerous reports, rumors and promises on when the owners of the HTC Hero under Sprint will be getting their much awaited Android 2.1 update. The last was said to be May, now HTC currently promises they will release it sometime in June. When is it really coming? Who knows but the consumers are getting more than impatient.

One developer has taken it a step further, creating an app as well as a petition site. Owners of an HTC Hero are asked to download and leave a comment under their product listing on the Android Market. Although not the best piece of work, grammatically speaking, the app has garnered attention, having already obtained almost 2800 comments. Here is the full text from the website:

“This petition is addressed to the company’s High Tech Computers.”

“We, users of Android smartphone HTC Hero protest against the policy pursued by HTC on a firmware update to HTC Hero Android 2.1! How much can you feed us with promises? why the update has already been postponed several times, despite the officially declared terms??”

“Because of this attitude to the most loyal to your customers, you lose potential and existing customers for your products. Across the Internet distributed indignant cries of the holders of outstanding communicator HTC Hero! We require you to fulfill your obligations on time and responsibility for your same pledge!”
“HTC, Respect your customers!”

“Otherwise we Stop RESPECT YOU!”

Strong words, although there is no assurance that this type of petition will be taken seriously. For some, it may not amount to much but it does get people talking.

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