Video: HTC’s HD7 Hit with ‘Antennagate’ of Its Own


HTC’s new HD7 smartphone has been hit with an ‘Antennagate’ fiasco of its own and which is eerily similar to the problem that affects the iPhone 4. Multiple reports and video have come in that if the HD7—which launched exclusively on T-Mobile’s network in the US and runs Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system—is held firmly in the left hand near the left corner, it drops from five signal bars to one or none and occasionally drops calls. Microsoft and HTC, let’s see how well you handle this compared to Apple.

T-Mobile’s HD7 from HTC Gets ‘Death Gripped’


How’s that for a death grip for you? It doesn’t look that tight. To be honest, I’ve noticed the problem on phones of all makes for years. Unfortunately, the human body acts like a giant interference device and tight grips can spell doom for cellular signals. In defending the iPhone 4’s design, Apple CEO Steve Jobs noted that plenty of other companies produce smartphones that suffer from ‘signal attenuation’—the scientific term for when your phone’s reception drops to nothing.

Still not convinced that this could be real? Its success varies wildly depending on how good your actual cell reception is, which Apple’s ‘update’ that ‘fixed’ its Antennagate disaster more accurately reveals. WPCentral did a follow-up on the claims it received and posted the following video.

Follow-up to Video to HD7 Death Grip Problems

As you can see, WPCentral concludes that in its opinion, the HD7 is just experiencing poor reception in general. Not exactly a comforting thought is it? Would you rather have a smartphone that drops calls when you hold one side of it without a case (call up Apple and complain if you’re experiencing this on the iPhone 4 and they still might send you a free case even though the offer ended a while ago) or a smartphone that just has poor reception all the time? That’s a tough call. My past experience on T-Mobile’s network unfortunately was in one of those ‘poor reception pockets’ that plague carriers still. Dropped calls? I’ve had more than enough for a lifetime on more than one phone.

Let me know how your own results on your HD7s turn out. I’d never wish poor reception or dropped calls on anyone and if the HD7 does have real reception issues, let’s hope that a software update can come out and fix the problem. Then again, this could all be way overblown. We’ll have to wait and see what the response from HTC is and how widespread this problem turns out to be.

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