HTC’s new G2 does Google quick keys

If you like I ‘am your work and even play is surrounded by a pantheon of quick keys. Some of these strokes are so common, you don’t even consider them quick and could find yourself questioning the fact that there’s another way to do the same thing. There will always be another way, obviously. Problem is there has always been a lack of quick key options on mobile devices. Well looks like all that’s about to change.

HTC has made a new phone, maybe you have heard about it. It’s called the G2. The G2 is slated to be released as T-Mobiles bread and butter HSPA+ device. A lot of hype and news has been surrounding this phone, with spy pics being leaked recently and then seemingly overnight the official press pictures release. But one thing may have gone un-noticed (I admit it), the odd looking buttons (which look like iPhone 4 signal strength… I kid I kid) found on the full QWERTY that everyone keep clamoring about. There are three “quick keys” found on the G2’s QWERTY. There is one to the left of the space bar and another two off to the right of the spacebar. The quick key pics here were posted by and show the QWERTY in all its greatness.

The new feature is sure to be a selling point to those who love easy access and customization. The three keys let you assign shortcuts to the buttons and will surely save you sometime accessing certain points within your device that would normally require multiple click through’s.

Google Voice Widgets, now Google Quick keys, the G2 is panning out to be one exceptional phone. Let us know what you think of the newly found quick keys.

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