HTC G2 reaches the end of the line

The original T-Mobile G1 was the legend that started the whole Android wave that is before us now, however for many years after the G1 there were many dedicated users that would not give up their G1’s until its successor stepped to the plate. The G2 was just that. The G2 is beautiful phone with an excellent build from a trusted name. Sadly it seems that the G2 was simply not meant to be. Less than a year after the launch of the HTC G2 it seems that it will be stepping down.

A mere nine months after the anticipated launch of the G2 it looks as if it may be reaching the end of its line, literally. TmoNews has recently published spy shots of internal T-Mobile system details that show the G2 being branded as EOL. EOL in case you’re wondering stands for End of Life.  The picture was scrounged up due to a lurking suspicion by the site. They noticed that the G2 was no longer available on the magenta website (and is still not their) and dug a little deeper exposing the picture before you. The G2 is however, branded as nearing EOL so you can expect it to be around at least for the next few months, or whenever the stock dries up.

So the only question left is why. Why would the G2 get scrapped just nine months out of the door? Well an easy and the most likely answer is the G2x by LG. While the G2 fills the gap left by the dated G1 its specs were not has polished and high end as what is being released as of late. The G2 packed an 800 MHz processor that is surely lacking when it comes to the competition and seemingly did not take off like its G2x cousin. Mind you the G2x is sold out across the board right now, but taking a look at this picture again, we can potentially see replenishment within the month of July. The G2 would also be facing competition from the myTouch Slide 4G that is slowly leaking out onto the interwebs and should be here soon. So why is the G2 being terminated? Simply put, the G2x and the incoming myTouch Slide 4G. At least in my humble opinion, mix in some sales reports and crunched numbers and this is probably an easy decision for the powers that be. And such is life.

The G2 is on the way out and lived for only nine months; if this isn’t telling you the pace of technology then I’m not sure what will. So say goodbye to the G2. But if you’re interested in picking up a G2 you may want to do that as soon as possible, and be sure to ask about future updates and support before you do. Anyone own a G2? Looking to pick one up? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about the death of the G2.

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