HTC EVO 4G Sells Out

Just within hours of officially launching the HTC EVO, various Sprint and RadioShack branches around the nation were already sold out of the prized device. In Washington, numerous retail stores that were offering the device on sale were out of stocks by midday. A selected number of retail stores even opened as early as 6 am to sell the smartphone device, which some sources have deemed as “the world’s best smartphone.” Only time will tell if the Apple iPhone 4G can surpass the sales of the HTC device.

Although there have been glitches reported in terms of the SD cards that were shipped together with the EVO 4G device, consumers appeared satisfied overall. Raving reviews from columnists and other proud new owners are starting to fill the Internet waves.

Sprint subscribers have something more to celebrate other than the HTC EVO 4G they just purchased. The carrier has also offered unlimited data plans for the smartphone, including video chat services. This move is in contrast with the earlier announcement by AT&T which has decided to discontinue offering unlimited data plans, replacing the said plan with tiered plans and tethering options for an additional price.

Carrier companies seem to recognize the drawing power of unlimited data plans but we will need to see if Sprint can do it better than AT&T has. IDC’s Carrie MacGillivray commented on this move by Sprint stating, “Unlimited plans offer new Evo users the flexibility to use the device as they desire without any worry about exceeding a predetermined limit.” Voice and data plans under the carrier cost at least $80 monthly.

The HTC EVO 4G can be used with both 3G as well as 4G networks. Sprint initially plans to offer 4G wireless network services in densely populated cities such as Los Angeles, Bay Area New York and other areas this year. It is currently available and being offered in a total of 33 cities, including Chicago and Las Vegas.

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