HTC EVO Design 4G Accessories keep your new phone at peak performance




When new phones roll around we here at WirelessGround are excited to see the new accessories that will launch for it. The new EVO Design 4G and Hero S is no different. This new device is super powerful and can keep you connected in all corners of your mobile life. This excellent new phone is of course made by HTC and goes by the name EVO Design 4G or the Hero S, depending on who your carrier is. A 4 inch screen, 1.2 GHz processor and the latest in Android and HTC Sense make this the ultimate machine. Unfortunately however the HTC EVO Design 4G is not indestructible. You’ll need to pick up the very best in EVO Design 4G accessories to keep it ready at the helm. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.

Staring with utility and power is a good jumping off point when you’re interested in getting the most out of your new phone. When you’re in need of power there is nothing worse than not having a charger and more importantly a power supply. We carry all the charging adapters you could need from original OEM EVO Design car chargers that will let you charge multiple phones with an additional HTC data cable or aftermarket retractable Hero S car chargers that let you easily manage your chargers cable length. When you’re in the car we have all the charging you could need. We also have the same OEM HTC Charging adapters and data cables combinations that come with your HTC EVO Design or HTC Hero S and are the best spares for traveling or for charging in other rooms. But if you and your EVO Design or Hero S ever find yourselves in a no power supply situation, we can help with that as well. Our HTC Solar charger is the best solar charger around and can easily keep your EVO Design or Hero S charged with just the power of the sun. No need for any outlet or car, with the Monaco solar charger all you need is a bright day. With HTC Spare batteries and chargers galore, keeping your phone powered is simple as pie.

Next and maybe the most important is protection. Let’s face it your EVO Design 4G or Hero S were not cheap, so keep them safe and protected like you would any expensive investment. With super protective and light weight case options from the likes of HTC and Case-Mate you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your phone again. These HTC EVO Design Hero S hard shell cases sport accents of carbon fiber and are perfect for keeping your phone safe as well as keeping additional weight off. Case-Mate also offers up their legendary POP case for this new phone. The HTC EVO Design POP case and the HTC Hero S POP case is an amazing combination between a skin style case and a harder more rigged case. With these amazing case options you can easily keep your EVO Design 4G or Hero S protected day in and day out.

As our inventory grows we will consistently give you the very best most affordable and tested as compatible HTC EVO Design 4G accessories and HTC Hero accessories.

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