Taking Full Advantage of the HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G is available for purchase on June 4. With some consumers not being able to wait that long, RadioShack is offering to take pre-orders for the device starting today May 14.  A number of consumers are giddy with excitement with some of the features on this device. Besides its quick processor and large screen, it is the first 4G device that will be sold with a key US carrier. It is also the first Android that will be running on the latest OS available for the Android smartphone.

To make the device more enticing to consumers, Sprint will be offering an introductory offer of $10 for a month’s worth of accessing by use of 4G, regardless of where the consumer is residing.

Sprint is also offering a number of other plans for consumers. However, it might take a while before consumers warm up to the idea of paying $70 – $100 per month to fully avail of the HTC EVO 4G’s features. The minimum is $70 a month to use the Everything Data plan. It costs $10 a month to use the 4G features. Although convenient, the main disadvantage is that 4G facilities are limited and only currently available in a total of 32 areas. For an additional $30, HTC EVO 4G owners can turn their device into a portable hotspot.  As such, it will be capable of connecting up to a maximum of 8 other Wi–Fi capable mobile devices. Some of the possible devices which can utilize this feature include laptops, digital cameras and some gaming units. All in all, it all amounts to $100 a month.

The $100 monthly fee may be a steep price to pay for regular consumers. For now, Sprint is targeting the additional plans towards the heavy users and entrepreneurs. It is too early to say whether these offers by Sprint will last long. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully it does encourage carriers to provide better plans to consumers.