HTC EVO 4G Rooted

Google surprised developers during their I/O Developer’s Conference held in San Francisco a few days back by giving away free HTC EVO 4G units. This is hardly a surprising move for the company as they gave away Nexus One units for free during the Mobile World Congress held earlier this year. If the presentations were not enough to woo crowds, surely the freebies did. It was something that their main competition Apple Inc. has never done with any of their previous events. Giving away free devices may have given Google added publicity but have also opened to some unwanted testing.

Just 11 days prior to the official date of release of the HTC EVO 4G, a video was uploaded on YouTube that the unit has been successfully rooted. Three developers who got their own unit of the HTC EVO 4G released a video wherein they successfully hacked the phone and obtained root access. Unfortunately, the video is nowhere being clear but it does show that it can be done, without much fuss. The developers have not yet posted any relevant details regarding the hacking. The fuzzy video and lack of details was apparently done on purpose so HTC would not be able to release a patch prior to the official release of the device.

Google does not seem to mind this development, as they have yet to release a statement regarding the matter. What has surprised the community is how quickly this was achieved. “With a few hours effort and a three person team (credit to ozzeh and Joshua Wise!), we managed to get the standard su tool installed,” as stated on Matt Mastracci’s personal post on It is either hackers are getting that good or the security on this device is not as good as it may seem. Regular consumers can expect to purchase their own HTC EVO 4G starting June 4.