HTC EVO 4G gets it’s Roots in Froyo


The HTC EVO is one of the most powerful devices on this beautiful planet, but I could indeed be a bit better. How you ask? If it was rooted of course. The time has come where a root has been made available to Android 2.2 users. Initially when Froyo hit the EVO the “rooting” process would have to be put back through the ringer.

Thanks to the folks over at XDA-Developers.Com the Sprint EVO 4G has been rooted. A step by step process is listed over yonder, At the beginning of the month,  Froyo was announced and OTA’d out to all EVO users. However, the update unfortunately put a delay on the rooting process as with the update brings a whole new rooting process. Well a rooting expert over at XDA, regaw_leinad has recently posted a guide on the how too’s. A step by step guide is laid out for the brave souls that want to get complete and unadulterated access to their Froyo rocking EVO. According to the author of the post over at XDA the process of rooting a Froyo’ed EVO is very similar to the process of rooting a Motorola Droid 2 and with a bit of patience and understanding the process of rooting your EVO should be fairly simple with no real hassles.

So head over to XDA and get your root on. But be warned, the author of the step by step, XDA or even us for that matter will not “save” you or take no responsibility if your EVO bricks up. Put it this way, if you don’t understand what’s going on and or reading it thoroughly and doing your homework is not on your plate then rooting is simply not for you.

Will you root your EVO? I’m contemplating it,

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