HTC Droid Incredible Disassembled

A cool new video is making waves in YouTube. It involves dismantling an actual HTC Droid Incredible. Produced and released by TechRestore, it shows the bare mechanisms which make up the device.

The video uses a presentation technique that is not commonly used in today’s graphic and special effects hungry society. It is known as stop motion, not commonly done since the days of Gumby or when Lego films and characters are involved. The technique is referred as such for setting an entire scene for one frame shot and moving the elements for another. It is an arduous technique that requires time and patience, for which the makers of the film should be credited for.

Fans of the HTC Droid Incredible may cringe looking at the video, showing a seemingly brand new unit, with the screen protection sticker still attached, taken out of the box and being dismantled to its core. When we mean core, we mean down to its board, showing the processors and ports. For HTC Droid Incredible devotees, there is this uncomfortable feeling, like your device was being dismantled. It is what telecom companies tell consumers what they should not do, lest consumers want their warranties becoming void on the spot. Even with the discomfort of watching such a device being dismantled, tastefully or otherwise, it does make people appreciate the device more. It is much like opening the hood of the car and seeing the engine which lets people know what it can possibly do, even before it hits the road.

The HTC Droid Incredible has been acknowledged as the Apple’s iPhone most important challenger in the bid to becoming the most popular smartphone. Some fans of the device have been repaid for their patience in waiting for the Droid to hit the market. is offering consumers the Droid at a much lower rate at $149.99, a $50 reduction from the initial release price.

Check out TechRestore’s video on YouTube