HTC Desire gets Froyo this week, Euro only

Froyo the sweet deliciousness of an operating system is finally trickling out into the wilderness. It has been seen in the past, but only under rooted devices or the mother ship Nexus One. But the update is making its rounds and we see it make its way to Europe for the N1’s cousin the HTC Desire.

The Desire if you are unfamiliar is essentially a Google Nexus One except it carries with it a few more buttons and no trackball. A popular and powerful device to say the least is set to bulk up in Europe with the tastiness of Froyo. Engadget is reporting this morning that HTC has officially announced the release of Froyo 2.2 for the HTC Desire. All unlocked Desires based out of Europe will start seeing the OTA update beginning this week. Assuming your Desire is not locked start checking those updates asap, as you don’t want to miss this one. The Froyo update for the Desire brings an overall performance update, as well as some added features. The update will allow the Desire to use 720p in video mode, to help capture those special moments in HD. Another update that some may find interesting is              iTunes Sync, this simply allowing Desire users to sync their music with iTunes, pretty cool huh. Other not so cool features coming with the update include HTC’s App Share Widget, an update to the HTC caller ID and improvements to the multi-language keyboard.

So it looks like some European Desire users are going to be very happy with their devices in the near future, not like they weren’t already, but this update will surely be a popular and most excellent adventure into the Desires deep unknown.

Are you rocking an unlocked HTC Desire, have you seen this update?.

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