HTC goes to China under its own name!

If you have been shopping HTC phone on the internet or in China for that matter, then you may have come across the branding Dopod and thought to yourself what the heck is a Dopod. HTC is a fairly new company that has branded there reliable devices under the name Dopod in China. But the time has come and HTC is now officially HTC in the land of China.

China is the most populated land in the world and the markets there are beyond the size of any business man’s dream. But when looking to launch in a market of this size many strategic details come into play. As China is one of the leaders in the tech or electronic industry, jumping into the market with your unknown brand may not be a good idea. Initial HTC teamed up with a strategic partner Dopod to release there hardware into the Chinese market. Well the time has come for HTC to stand on their own two feet in the land of China. HTC has announced today that they will be releasing their phones to China under their own branding HTC. The Taiwanese based HTC now feels that their branding is strong enough, and recognizable enough to work in the Chinese market. The value added to HTC over the past few years has propelled HTC to feel comfortable enough to launch under their moniker. HTC is launching the new venture with four new devices; familiar devices that have already reached stardom include the Wildfire and the Desire. However the two remaining devices that will be invading China include the HTC Tianxi which in all respects seems to be a revision of the HD2 that is making wave at T-Mobile USA, and lastly the Tianyi which by all accounts seems to be a blend of HTC’s stigma.

HTC’s designs are at the top of the industry, and releasing under the HTC brand name in China will only perpetuate the company to greater heights. With the coupling of China Mobile, a Chinese based carrier it looks like the Chinese HTC movement it under way, and should have no problem rolling smoothly for a long time to come.

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