HTC tablet rumors surface again


HTC hot off the heels of their Desire event in London is back in the new again for a rumor that is surely bound to happen. However, if we have to wait any longer for an HTC tablet well, it may be to little to late. Really though, HTC take your time, a tablet from your labs should indeed be of epic proportions. Or at least I could imagine.

With a grain of salt passes the rumor –again – that HTC will be building a Google based tablet for the first quarter of next year. The news comes out of the Digitimes, who if you have followed there leads in the past could have gone one way or the other entirely. So bust the salt shakers out. However, according to the Digitimes via multiple Taiwan-based component makers the tablet is indeed on its way, and will be built “on par” with its current smart phone selection. The report goes on to state that HTC is most definitely working on an Android 3.0 based tablet slated for Q1 of 2011.This would make perfect sense that HTC would wait for the launch of Gingerbread, as the Android 2.2 as it stands is surely not optimized for tablets. The information goes on to state that most all key  manufacturers will be launching  7 to 10 inch tablets right around the same time.

Checking the tablet rumor mill this, puts a pretty big tablet surge right at the end of this year and the boiling over until early next year. So looks like tablet selections will be growing in the near future. But only time will tell.

Tell me what your perfect Android 3.0 tablet would be, what size, processor, etc…lets tell HTC what we want, in the comments below!

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