HTC Smartphones Given for Free for Adobe Employees

Employees from the Adobe Company have been given an unusually early treat: free smartphones with full Flash capability. However, it is much less of an early Christmas treat but more of using existing sources to test their prototype and giving back the favor first initiated by Apple. There is currently no confirmation as to the type of smartphone that will provided. Some speculate that possible choices include HTC’s Droid Incredible, one of the recently released smartphones by HTC or Google’s Nexus One.

Sources indicate that Adobe may be giving the free smartphones for their employees to test out the Flash 10.1 version developed for the Android platform. It is a convenient way of achieving two results with one action. For one, Adobe has been left out with the recent Apple products. Steve Jobs himself reaffirmed his previous statements that Apple will not be making any improvements to their products in order to support Adobe. This includes iPhones, iPods and even iPads, stating that Adobe Flash  has some of the worst records in terms of security.

Adobe is looking elsewhere for support into using their products for the mobile platform and may have found an ally in Google. Google has just recently declared publicly that they will be using Adobe’s Flash Player with their next smartphone models using the Android platform.

This bold move by Adobe is convenient for the company as it proves whether or not Adobe’s Mobile Flash will run as smoothly on the Android based smartphones as they have previously advertised. Adobe claims that approximately 98% of computers worldwide use and rely on Flash to play content found and embedded on websites. Some sources believe that whatever the model or smartphone provided, it will be supporting the full version of Adobe’s Mobile Flash. This is an upgrade from currently released models of HTC’s Droid Incredible released by Verizon which run on the light version.

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