The HTC 603e Gets Ready for the Big Time


More leaks out of HTC show an HTC 603e ready at the helm. HTC has been a hot topic in the past few weeks what with the M7, M4 and G2 patiently waiting for MWC or the companies event on the 19th. HTC has also been in the press lately for their low profitability margins and struggling sales. Hopefully with a new round of handsets, including this newly leaked 603e, the quietly brilliant company can pull in some attention and generate the buzz it needs. News out of China today gives us a sneak peak at a new smart phone from the company, that’s not an M, at least not yet.

A new leak surrounding the 603e has surfaced in China today and it stems from a certification data base from China Telecom. The Chinese website has posted its findings and the news spread fast. The HTC 603e will run with Android version 4.1 aka Jelly bean and will pack in specifications that put it in the mid range area of the companies line up. Engadget points to a similar handset that was recently launched with China Unicom known as the One SU, and thinks this 603e can be its successor.  The 603e as it’s called now will come into this world with a 4.3 inch TFT touch screen that offers an 800×480 pixel resolution. Internally it will use a 1.15 GHz dual core processor that is seemingly working for a Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon system chip and gets a bit of help from 1 GB of RAM. The 603e also supports microSD memory expansion. Additionally this new smart phone will come packing a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera that can record video in 720p, as well as a front facing shooter that clocks in with a 2 mega pixel sensor. A slight downside to the 603e, but not yet a deal breaker is it measures in a 9.8mm thick and weighs about 130 grams. The 603e is also said to be offered up in color! Amazing!! Black, white, yellow and green are supposedly going to be available options. But, I’ll believe it when I see it!

Is the 603e the missing mid range piece missing from HTC’s upcoming launch? What do you think of this newly leaked device? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Also, before you run be sure to check out all of our amazing HTC accessories.

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