HTC’s HD3 renamed HD7 ?


In the past few months the hype surrounding WP7 has grown immensely. The popularity of the OS has obviously yet to be seen. What we know about some of its features and its device makers is surely impressive and undoubtedly adds to the anticipation surrounding the OS. Microsoft has built this new OS as they say “from the ground up”, but I’m sure some of the manufacturers have revamped and redesigned some lingering models. And who could blame them, especially if there HTC and the model in question is an upgrade from the popular HD2.

The HTC HD2 is a very popular Windows based smart phone that can be found on the shelves of T-Mobile stores across the country. Now the HD3 on the other hand is the white unicorn that everyone has been waiting for since the dawn of the HD2. Engadget has gotten their hands on some details that makes unicorns real and provides a new name to the HD3 in tribute to its new operating system. Based off of a spread sheet of internal documents over at O2, the HD7 is showing its face. Now Engadget is assuming that the HD3 has gotten a new name to HD7 based on the new Windows Phone 7 operating system it will be running and I would d have to agree. Really what would possess a company to skip 4 digits in regard to the device? Well the launch of such a new product in WP7 of course.

So let the rumors fly and the chatter commence as the HD7 will most likely be hitting shelves as early as October 18th, at least that’s what O2’s spread sheet states. Interested in what the HD7 will bring to the table? I’m with Engadget on this one; it will bring WP7 for sure.

What’s up? Thinking the speculation is all wrong? Sound off and let us know.

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