HP webOS tablet gets a time frame

In the tablet wars currently there is one king of the hill, Im sure you can guess who that is. In recent history a company called HP bought out a mobile giant Palm, do you remember that? But the plans on webOS in regard to HP has been somewhat hush, with little rumor leaking out every so often. Looks like some internal inform via Engadget will be putting some more juice to the rumor mill.

Since HP’s acquisition of Palm and there mobile OS, the question has remained the same. What will HP do with a mobile OS like webOS? A solid conclusion that is coming to light is a tablet and by the sounds of it, it may be soon. Some “trusted” sources via Engadget have let the site know that an HP webOS tablet is indeed on the way. Yesterday during an employee meeting, you know the all hands on deck kind of meeting; the Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley gave a time frame to the rumored tablet which puts the tablet launch around the first quarter of 2011. Within this meeting the VP also confirmed that the internal name of the project is indeed “Hurricane”. With all the bad press surrounding HP right now, this is surely a silver lining as a webOS tablet will indeed rock. Now all we need to hear is that HP will be supporting all platforms and pumping out Android and WP7 tablets and we will see HP climb to the top of Apples Tablet Mountain.

So I will sign out as I normally do; only time will tell. But you can bet that Q1 of 2011 will surely be interesting to say the least.

Looking forward to a webOS tablet from HP, or are you more interested in their WP7 or Android development?

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