HP’s webOS Tablet Confirmed


Since the day HP bought up all the goodies that took Palm years to develop, the question has lingered. What will HP do with webOS? The experts weighed in, the sources that are “in the know” leaked the details they knew, but there was never a peep from HP themselves. Details on HP’s plan for webOS have been very hush to say the least.

HP has officially put their stamp of “a webOS-based product in early 2011″. During a “analyst conference call” HP has admitted to the fact that Apples iPad has essentially hurt their laptop sales. Within the call the head of Personal Systems Group at HP, Tom Bradley acknowledged a slow beginning to the “back to school” sales of their laptops, saying that HP’s laptop sales have been obviously affected by the popular tablets.  Bradley went on to state that HP essentially bought up Palm in order to hunker down for the onslaught of tablets into the world and then goes on to state that HP will be launching new Windows based tablets in the very near future, potentially in the next coming weeks. But the even more exciting and great news is that, Bradley has essentially confirmed a webOS tablet is slated to be released at sometime early 2011. So if history repeats it’s self there is a good chance we will get to see the webOS tablet revealed at CES 2011, but knowing the industry it is more likely that we will see blurrycam leaks first.

So there we have it world, a webOS based tablet by HP will be hitting the world by 2011, that’s about well 4 months away.

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