HP To stick with webOS for mobile plans

If you have been following the Palm saga, then you should be aware that HP bought Palm for a good chunk of change a few weeks back. But when following the acquisition the question remained what HP would do with webOS.

In attempts to dethrone the titans, Apple and Google, Hp will stick with webOS and model there mobile devices around what Palm has already established. In recent talks with CNBC.Com HP’s executive vice president Todd Bradley stated that the company will be exclusively using webOS on their smart phone plans. This comes as no real surprise as webOS is a buttered turnkey operation for them. HP’s smart phone plans do not include WP7 or Android, and who can blame them. It is noted however that the relationship with HP and Microsoft will still be strong, as Bradley definitively points out plans to build a Windows based tablet in the near future. When HP first acquired Palm, there were no real clear cut plans laid out by the HP as to what they would do with 2 billion dollars worth of a mobile giant. The information that did leak in the past left Palms webOS inside of a printer. The information releasing today can ease the thought of such a great OS, living a future stuck in a box with paper.

In the smart phone arena HP will be banking on webOS and putting all their mobile ducks behind it, then shooting for the top. HP is looking to put webOS in the top tier in the market competing directly with Apple and Google, and looking to dethrone the giants with its webOS. Apples former ‘hardware chief’ is not leading the surge into the mobile industry for HP/Palm and can indeed help webOS become more consumer friendly but at the same time keeping the OS within its roots.

It will be interesting to see exactly what happens with webOS and to see what type of phones they begin to pump out.

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