HP webOS 2.0 Is Official—Here’s What’s New

HP recently acquired Palm and has managed to make good on promises—the highly anticipated webOS 2.0 release has been made official. Unsurprisingly, HP has decided to finally brand its Palm acquisition’s products and webOS is now ‘HP webOS’.  Hopefully the control HP is exerting now won’t reverse any of the innovative progress Palm has managed to bring to smartphones.

Anyone else notice the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is kind of a copy of the Pre series? Not blatant or anything—it certainly still looks and is BlackBerry—but it reminds me of how every smartphone manufacturer had to put out a touchscreen only device when Apple released the first iPhone. It’s new, it’s cool and for those who want a physical keyboard and a well designed touchscreen, the general design is the best way to go. Even the Motorola Droid Pro is going to be a very Droid version of the overall style. Palm may have almost gone out of business because of slowness to adapt, but it still has the innovation to create top notch designs.

Quick Guide to HP webOS 2.0

The new webOS 2.0 from Palm and HP is going to have Adobe Flash 10.1. Not only that, the user interface is getting some updating and will have improved . Text input is also getting a makeover. Apps including FaceBook are getting much needed updates. Perhaps the biggest improvement in webOS 2.0 is ‘Synergy’.

Synergy now lets app developers to plug directly into the core functions of webOS. This means all of those third party apps you wish webOS had for your favorite social media tools can now directly interact with you via webOS’s notification tools. Push notifications abilities are now pretty much available for every app. Yeah, it’s similar to Social Feeds in BlackBerry OS 6, but webOS isn’t getting scrapped in the somewhat near future like BlackBerry OS in favor of another operating system.

That improve text input I mentioned a bit earlier? ‘Just Type’ will let you just start entering text and then worry about which app it needs to go to. For anyone who has ever needed to jot down something quickly on their smartphone and missed something important because their notepad app took too long to find and open, relief is on the way.

Multitasking is also getting a makeover, along with new favorites features, improvements to the web browser, Bluetooth keyboard support, and even Skype calling when on Verizon’s network. Overall, everything looks good. The new features are certainly worth an upgrade.

Video overview of the new OS running on a pre-production Pre 2:

Let me know what you think of HP webOS 2.0!

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