HP’s Slate gets it’s 4 minutes of unofficial fame

 Presumably the next tablet to step into the ring with the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and we shall see how that goes. But what about other manufacturers that have been promising tablet goodness? Well folks with the holidays right around the corner and the New Year lurking as well, leaks like this are sure to be a plenty in the near future. But for now it looks like we get a peek at the HP Slate, which is slated to be the next best tablet in the world.

A new video has surfaced upon YouTube showing off the HP slate in all its glory. The HP Slate is still un released and the version that this Youtuber showing off is still a prototype, so don’t judge it too hard. x313xkillax is the Youtuber that has his hands on the device and take a little walk around the device and even turns it on to show the world what’s inside…and it looks to be Windows 7. Some rumors surrounding the tablet video tell the device to be fake; however, it seems to be quite real and when compared to the version that was spotted in the past. The video goes on to show some features of the Slate, starting from the outside the reviewer shows off the backside of the device with the diamond, rubberized design and a 3 MP camera, he then shows off the sides of the device stating that the Slate is lighter than the iPad. Further showing off the sides of the device x313xkillax explains the SD card slot, a keyboard button with a microphone close by, on the top a volume rocker is spotted along with a USB port, a Ctrl-Alt-Delete key (all windows users rejoice) and a home button. Rotating to the other side of the device shows a power and locking button, as well as a 3.5 MM input jack and a Windows 7 sticker closely placed next to an Intel sticker. The bottom shows off a charging port as well as some speakers, onto the front of the screen shows a front facing camera.

The reviewer states that when in use the touch screen is very responsive, however, the idea of a touch screen Windows 7 device is surely still in question. What do you think about the new HP Slate? Looking good to you?


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