HP to Sell Unlocked Palm Pre 2 Directly, Gorilla Glass Confirmed


The new Palm Pre 2 has gotten an official overview by HP itself. The two best things about what HP’s Product Manager for the Palm Pre—Tim Pettitt—said? Gorilla Glass is indeed in the Pre 2’s screen and the smartphone will be sold, unlocked for GSM network users directly by HP. Video after the break.

The Palm Pre 2 Getting Shown Off:

Tim also goes through some of the features in HP webOS 2.0 on the Pre 2 in the video and focuses on how universal search is now integrated. Pretty cool stuff. HP/Palm (HP bought Palm recently in case you didn’t hear) have talked about how they want to make the smartphone experience better by not forcing you to navigate around your phone to begin doing tasks like entering a note, find a contact or launching an app.

As has been known for a while now, the Pre 2 packs a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. The phone will be coming to Verizon and other carriers in the ‘coming months’ but is already headed to France for its launch. No word yet on how much an unlocked Pre 2 for GSM networks (AT&T and T-Mobile) will go for from HP’s website, but think near the $500 or so range.

HP webOS 2.0 will be coming as an update for older Palm models but unfortunately, the Pixi series will not be getting Adobe Flash 10.1. The Pre series will have Flash however. As with Pre 2 pricing in the US, no word on when the update will come out. Hopefully nothing as long as the delay to get BlackBerry OS 6 on the Bold 9700.

The big question now for those looking at the unlocked, GSM version of the Pre 2 is whether or not HP is supporting T-Mobile’s 3G band. The iPhone, when unlocked can run just fine on T-Mobile’s network, but 3G does not work. T-Mobile’s 3G band is a relatively new one and unless a manufacturer is planning on releasing a smartphone for the network, they have been ignoring it.

Going to be picking up a Pre 2 unlocked? Wish we could get some pricing and availability information out of HP and Palm? Palm supposedly has five or six new devices in the works for release next year so you may want to consider postponing your upgrade until after the holiday season. Let me know what you think of the video.

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