HP Introduces Five new Tablets!


HP introduces a few new tablets! Do you remember HP? Of course you do, Hewlett Packard has been a staple of computing for, well…for a long time. Recently however the companies foray into the mobile space has been less than stellar. Way back in 2009 HP decided it would be a great idea to buy up what was left of a crumbling Palm, shortly their after HP killed one of the most efficient operating systems in the mobile space, WebOS. Since then the company has made numerous attempts at gaining a foot hold in mobile. Recent rumors surrounding the company’s plans suggested they would be getting back into the smart phone arena with a new Windows Phone. Just yesterday however HP announced not, one or two…but five new tablets!

HP took to the streets yesterday and announced a few new tablets. Firstly the HP Slate 7 Extreme. The tablet is built off of the recently announced Tegra Note design and should prove to be quite awesome as it is expected to keep the same specs and average price point. The HP_slate_7_HDSlate 7 Extreme should come running a Tegra 4 SOC processor and come with stylus support. Its seven inch screen comes with a 1280×800 pixel resolution with 16 GB of internal storage as well as micro SD memory card expansion. Additionally the device comes with two front facing speakers and a price point that should put the tablet at about $200 bucks. Next up is the HP Slate 8 Pro. The 8 Pro uses a 7.9 inch touch screen and is said to offer up a 1600×1200 pixel resolution and will also use a Tegra 4 chipset for processing power. Pricing on the Slate 8 Pro is currently unknown. The company also announced a Slate 7 HD and a Slate 10 HD. The two tablets as you expect measure in at 7 and 10 inches respectively and offer up a not quite full HD 1280×800 pixel resolution. The two tablets should be rather affordable as use a Marvell PXA986 processor. Additionally the devices come with 3G connectivity, expandable micro SD memory, Beat’s Audio as well as both front and rear facing cameras. Lastly HP introduced the Omni 10. The tablet run’s Windows 8 and gets its go from an Intel made Bay Trail chipset. The little details on the Omni 10 give it a 1080 quality touch screen, 2 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage! TheVerge.Com got the scoop on these new HP devices and point out that most of them are still in prototype form and are expected to begin seeing retailer shelves in November.

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