HP Launches their new HP 8 Android Tablet

hp_8HP quietly launches a new Android tablet! Remember HP? Of course you do. It is likely in your collection of computers, printers and laptops you own or have owned at least one HP product. What you probably do not own is an HP mobile gadget. HP has been mostly miss when it comes to hitting consumer mobile gadgets, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. After buying and killing one of the best mobile platforms around, HP has released a new Android tablet, the HP 8.

After HP’s acquisition and ultimately failure of taking control of WebOS the company slowly backed out of the mobile market. While not completely removed HP would introduce a few tablets and only launch a handful here stateside. The company however has shown off and mentioned they would be making their way back into the smart phone market with some rather large VoiceTab handsets. While we are holding our breath for the companies new smart phones they have launched the HP 8 tablet. The HP 8 starts with a 7.85 inch IPS touch screen display that offers up a 1024×768 pixel resolution and is built into a 7.95 thin body. The touch screen will give its users easy control over Android version 4.2.2 aka Jellybean. Under the hood the HP 8 packs in an Allwinner A31 system chip that runs a 1 GHz quad core processor. Additionally the tablet offers 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage as well as expandable micro SD memory options up to 32 GB. Around back you’ll find a 2 mega pixel camera while up front a VGA quality shooter is available. The HP 8 also comes with Wi-Fi, micro USB connectivity a 3800 mAh battery and is all wrapped tightly in a silver and white package that oddly resembles a familiar tablet any guesses to which one? The best part about the HP 8 are not is mild spec’s, it is its $170 dollar price tag!

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