HP: No Go on Android Tablets

In recent news HP had taken some chump change out of its piggy banks and bought the somewhat dying Palm. The buyout reportedly stems from HP’s interest in simply acquiring certain patents that Palm has been holding since their filings mainly webOS.

According to the rumor mill, HP will be withdrawing from the Microsoft or Google tablet race. This is not to say that the company has removed itself from the race entirely as the rumor mill is stating that there future tablets may be webOS based. With the newly acquired company under their belt this seems like more than a reasonable “rumor” or decision on the part of HP. According to AllthingsD, HP has literally halted the it’s plans to build an Android running tablet. This information comes shortly after Unwired View stated that HP has also shelved plans for the manufacturing of Microsofts new Windows Phone 7 devices. As the rumor mill is churning here, you can imagine that HP has not officially offered a statement to the public and one could assume they won’t until their future plans are clearer.

HP bought out Palm for the sum of 1.2 billion dollars. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PC’s it comes as no real surprise that the company would halt plans on moving forward with an out of house software to run their legendary hardware. When thinking logically HP has most likely recognized that they are now the proud owners of one of the best mobile platforms known to the industry, and most are assuming these thoughts are leading HP to insert themselves into the mobile game with further development of what Palm has already accomplished and installing it onto their already well rounded hard ware.

So for now, assuming these rumors are true, don’t expect to see an Android or WP7 running device anytime in the near future. But be sure to be on the lookout for HP’s own internal concoction it should be impressive.

Does the idea of HP making their own software optimized for their legendary hardware intrigue you?

It does for me.

The sky’s the limit HP; show us what’s up your sleeves!

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