Holiday Inn testing Smartphones for Keyless entry

Holiday Inn has recently announced that they will be testing new technology that would be giving your Blackberry or iPhone access to your hotel room.  Now if only they could walk in and make my bed for me….. soon enough! (i hope)

The Holiday Inn will be rolling out somewhat of a new technology at least when applied to this situation. The Holiday Inn has stated they will be testing new technology that will allow a Blackberry or iPhone user to have keyless entry into their rooms. The company has stated that they will be testing the system at two different locations, the Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare Rosemont and Holiday Inn Express Houston Downtown Convention Center. They will begin to expand the idea as more positive information comes back on their trial locations. A representative from InterContinental Hotels Group Bryson Koehler was quoted by USA Today saying;

“the beauty of the smartphone” is that guests already have one, and using it for access avoids “burdening people with additional items”.

Blackberry, Android and iPhone users within the two areas of testing should have their chance at keyless hotel entry starting sometime next month. These two locations are very well picked in my opinion as there are many enterprise/business users traveling in and out of these areas daily for business.  The Holiday Inn is taking full advantage of the abundance of Blackberrys Androids, and iPhones. This will most likely turn into the user being able to avoid the check in counter all together, and believe me that by itself is worth its weight in gold (at least sometimes). So you book your room from your phone, you pay for the room from your phone, and when you get to the hotel you walk right up to your room and go to sleep, priceless.

Tell us what you think of this idea?

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