HDR Photo Technology Comes to iPhone in iOS 4.1

Apple’s coming iOS 4.1 update will include a feature that allows iPhone users to take High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs in the included camera application. Working by a series of photographs at different exposure levels, HDR can create pictures that look perfectly exposed and with more detail. Sometimes to the point where they look fake.

Fortuately, Apple’s version of HDR keeps the effect to a modest level. Plus, a normally exposed version is stored as well so you can choose which one you prefer. Apple’s HDR implementation combines three photographs shot in immediate succession. One over exposed, one under exposed and one normally exposed. The three are stitched together to create a finished HDR photo.

More often than not, you will probably prefer the HDR version, as Apple has done a good job of incorporating it. No options to adjust the HDR settings are available however, but I am sure some hackers will put out an app for jailbroken handsets to adjust them for those who want to play with them.

Other apps that do similar things are available at the iTunes App store already so if you are already using them, be sure to try this out once iOS 4.1 comes out next week. If you haven’t, it’s at least worth a shot (sorry for the pun) and might just spark at least a temporary passion for photography.

Let me know if you like the new feature.

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