‘GreenPois0n’ iOS Jailbreak ETA 10/10/10


The highly anticipated ‘GreenPois0n’ jailbreak for the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch 4 will be released at “10:10:10 AM” on 10/10/10. The news comes from the Twitter account of p0sixninja, a member of the hacker team working on the jailbreak solution. Barring a big, unforeseen problem, we will all finally have our iPhone 4 jailbreak this Sunday.

GreenPois0n is based on the SHAtter exploit and will work on fourth generation iOS devices. Unfortunately, it looks like the exploit does not work on the iPhone 3GS or other, older models. To keep a carrier unlock (to use it on T-Mobile or other non-AT&T GSM networks) you will also have to load a custom IPSW file. I don’t want to get too technical here, but until a hacker team manages to unlock the new baseband on the iPhone 4, those who have already updated to iOS 4.1 and want to use another carrier are out of luck for the time being. Make sure you read up on the jailbreak and unlock process before you start hacking your iOS device.

Some good news is that GreenPois0n will be an untethered jailbreak, meaning you won’t have to plug your iOS device back into your computer each time you restart it. That can be a huge pain in the rear and leaves you without a working device if you have big operating system crash and the device has to restart. While iOS devices are pretty crash-proof (I have managed run my iPod touch for well over a month at a time without bothering to restart it), if your battery runs out, you will still need to turn the device back on. Awesome news that this will be untethered.

A lot of these terms can be confusing so here is a quick glossary for a few of the most common:


A way to allow your iOS device to run non-Apple approved apps. It does void your warranty but has been deemed legal by the US Government this year.


A way to allow your iPhone to use a carrier other than AT&T (or whatever you are stuck with if you are not in the US). Unlocking to use another carrier requires a device to be jailbroken first.


The software that controls the cellular radio in your iPhone. It is separate from iOS and Apple updates it periodically to improve performance and to keep people from unlocking their iPhone.


A file that you download through iTunes whenever Apple releases an OS update. It contains the iOS operating system and is also what iTunes sends to your iOS device when you enter recovery mode. Think ‘iPhone Software’ but abbreviated.

Remember, before you do any jailbreaking, backup your iOS device. It looks like Sunday is going to be the big day! Let me know what you think.

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