Googles CEO: “loves the success of the iPhone”

Recent second quarter findings and number crunching has almost crowned a new king of the playground. About two months ago Google reported that around 160k Android handsets were being activated daily, that number has grown and the results are surely making Eric Schmidt smile as you can see in the video below.

In a recent sit down with some eager reporters Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt give a little insight into Google’s Android ventures. Back in May Google was reporting that around 100k Android phones were activated daily, fast forward a couple of weeks, that number jumped to 160k in the month of June, and as of now the number stands at about 200k Android devices being activated daily. That is a staggering increase in such a short period of time. During the sit down Schmidt was simply asked, how the Android platform is doing and with a more than glowing response Schmidt cited these activation numbers saying that he checked his company’s internal numbers just that morning. With the second quarter numbers showing that more Android phones shipped than iPhones you can imagine how good Schmidt and his company feel about Androids platform. The CEO was asked by a curious reporter if the revenue stream from Androids sales is enough to make the venture worthwhile, his response, “ “Trust me that revenue is large enough to pay for all of the Android activities and a whole bunch more,”. The idea behind this is that Google is a search engine first and foremost and the bulk of their revenue can be found via their search engine. However, the Android platform brings more searches, in turn letting the company see more profits. When asked about the numbers on Androids revenue, Schmidt declined saying that these numbers are considered search. Also Schmidt while toting his Nexus One stated that he “loves the success of the iPhone” as users of iPhone’s still search via Google. Any competitor is a win-win for Google and Android for that matter.

Check out the video of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt taking a minute to discuss Android

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