Googles Nexus One gone for good….

Google warned us, letting the world know late last week that once they were gone there would be no more. The Nexus One was quite possibly one of the best Android phones that has ever hit the market, as the flagship device for the Android OS; the Google Nexus One will surely be missed.

Late last week Google announced plans to no longer carrier there famed Nexus One. The company reported that the last shipment that they receive from HTC will be the last of stock for the Nexus. Admittedly we were a little late initially reporting this news; however when reading the reports my thoughts fathom the fact that this “last shipment” from HTC would be depleted a mere 5 days later. The Nexus One is currently no longer available on Google’s website. Initial reports from the announcement stated that the Nexus One would still be offered from some international carriers. The Nexus One should still be available through the European carrier Vodafone and one of Korea’s carriers KT. The Nexus stock levels were depleted in a mere 5 days, the actual numbers sold in these five days intrigues me to say the least.  One could imagine the bulk of the remaining stock was most likely picked up by hungry users trying to get their hands on a piece of history.

The day has come folks. Original as they come, the Nexus One phone is no longer available to US customers. When checking you can see this horrific message, “The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly from Google”.

It’s a sad day for consumers, as the phone will not be available for purchase its legend surely lives on. So unless you are a Vodafone or KT customer, and or developer at this point the phone that started it all, the Nexus One will surely be missed.

Do you own a Nexus One?

Did you pick one up in the past week due to its announced end of days?

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