Googles Instant Search to be Mobile “Later this Fall”

So if you haven’t heard the news this morning, Google has just announced a new way to search. When using Google right now, you may notice something different. Go check it out, search anything..I will wait. Ok so you have searched whatever it is that intrigues you and you get your results instantly. No need to click the “search button”. Your results are instantly updated as you type words into the engine. But what will happen to the “I’m feeling lucky” query?

When thinking of Google in the mobile market you instantly think Android. When Google thinks of themselves within the mobile industry, they think- How can we make our search engine better? At the end of the day guys, Google is a multibillion dollar search engine and the likes of Android or Google Voice only make those search results more effective. Now don’t get me wrong Android OS is amazing and can be found on phones, laptops and even tablets. But there goal is to better their search results with the likes of accessing your location, etc. It would be nice to think Google is really truly trying to give you free calling, which I guess they are, but all things considered, they are improving their search at the end of the day.

But with today’s news of Google Instant comes the question, will Google Instant be available on our Android or even mobile devices? The answer is yes, of course. Your mobile device will be Google Instant compatible this fall. According to Google  the instant results search engine will be available to mobile devices “Later this Fall” and from the smell of the air that’s fairly soon.

Check the video below and help the internet and Google blast through the Zettabyte barrier. It’s pretty impressive. Have you used Google Instant on your PC yet, try it, it’s really cool! I’m personally impressed and cannot wait for Google Instant to be found on my devices. Good Work Google Good work!

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