Google Voice For All

About a year ago Google announced a new feature called Google Voice, the idea was to give you complete access to all phones in your life, essentially being able to manage all communication to you with one application. The idea was held back from the masses as it was an invite only, much like the original Gmail; you had to request an invite to the party. Starting today everyone is invited to join the party.

The Google Voice application will essentially give you one telephone number; this will make all phones in your life ring from the one number.  The Google Voice application will also let you send and receive free calls and text messages within the US and Canada, the Google Voice application will also let your voicemail work like an email, essentially providing transcripts of your voicemails for reading. For now the Google Voice application is only available for US and Canadian residents, however low priced international calling will indeed be available. Currently there are over a million users, using the Google Voice application right now these users are experiencing free SMS texting and free calls. You can get in on the action also; all you need is account with Google. They will set you up with a new number and anytime that number is dialed it will ring on all phones in your life.

The idea behind Google Voice to me is simply amazing and if it is as simple as they claim it to be this should be a huge success. So head over to to get the ball rolling.

Tell us what you think of the new Google Voice, will you be installing free text and phone calls onto your mobile device.

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