Google’s Voice with Widgets made official and Voice Action alarm clock unofficially updated


Google Voice made its way into this world very slowly and privately as most Google developments do. However, when free phone calls, im’ing, and video conferencing right from your Gmail account hit as news, the world was amazed and indeed impressed. The mobile application could be found within the Android market but was missing some key components to make it fully functional on a mobile device. Mainly widgets, if you’re unfamiliar, widgets are dedicated app “launchers” that work from the home screen of your Android providing certain “updates” and information surrounding the app. Recently with the leaks of T-Mobiles new G2 an update to Google’s Voice application was flashed and made available to most any Google Voice user, the big deal? Widgets of course.

Today it looks as if Google has made the update to Google Voice official via their blog. With the news of the G2 being made official it seems fitting. Being slated as one of the best apps ever Google Voice now has official widgets, the same widgets you would have found if you installed the “leaked” version, however, its official now, so uninstall the leak and go to the market place and reinstall the official version.

 In other news surrounding the advent of the new G2, it looks as if a slight fix to the Google Voice Actions has been implemented. When reading about the new coolness of what Google’s Voice Action brought to Froyo I was surely excited about setting an alarm simply by telling my phone to do so. When initially launched it seemed that the Desk Clock found within most devices would not recognize this command. Well the G2 brings us more goodies and this my friends has been fixed. This is still in its leaked form and has not been made official, at least yet.

Guess I should go set up a Google Voice number, Do you have one? Will the widgets make it that much better?

Oh and if your looking for the download to get your voice commanded alarm clock on check Droid-Life.Com.

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